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Air Conditioning Littlehampton

Air Conditioning Littlehampton

Feeling the heat, or a little too cold? Unable to demist your windscreen? Then you need a reliable air conditioning service in Littlehampton! 

Air conditioning isn’t just a simple luxury for drivers and passengers to keep warm or stay cool – though that’s one added bonus. The air con and heating system are essential for maintaining parts and systems which your vehicle relies on, protecting them from freezing or overheating.

Air con works to ventilate all parts of your car, as well as removing moisture from the air. An effective A/C system is key for visibility during the winter months to defog your windows thoroughly. 

Bennetts is the leading family garage for air conditioning in Littlehampton. If you’ve been having issues, there’s a good chance your aircon unit is the cause.

Are you concerned your air conditioning isn’t working? Contact us today to arrange a consultation as soon as possible. 

Air Conditioning Littlehampton

Why Bennetts for air conditioning in Littlehampton?

Bennetts is the number one independent garage for car air conditioning in West Sussex – customers from across the region come to us for an effective, fuss-free service. 

Using only premium parts and the most advanced tools, our highly trained technicians cover all bases when inspecting your air con.

What’s more, we specialise in servicing German cars – so if you’ve struggled for parts in the past, we can guarantee we have exactly what you need in our inventory. 

Air conditioning Littlehampton

What’s an air con regas? 

Refrigerant helps your air con system cool your vehicle. Over time, the level of refrigerant drops, making your air conditioning less effective.

A regular regas restocks the refrigerant, so the system works as it should. 

We offer the best value air con regas in Littlehampton, so give us a call today.

Air conditioning Littlehampton

What’s an air con service?

An air con service is a review of your vehicle’s full air conditioning system. 

When you choose Bennetts for your air conditioning in West Sussex, we complete a thorough inspection, looking at each part to make sure it’s working exactly as it should.

And if we find anything that isn’t right, we repair this straight away – as long as you’re happy to go ahead with the recommended works. 

How much does a regas/service cost? 

Prices vary depending on your system. Give us a call and one of our friendly team will happily give you a price.

My air con blows warm air. Why is this and can you fix it?

Your air conditioning unit is one of the most complex systems in your vehicle. This is because it relies on a combination of parts to work properly.

If your car’s air con is blowing warm air it means you’ve got a problem, despite the system continuing to work. It may be something as simple as the system being low on refrigerant or it could be something more problematic, such as a broken return duct or compressor. Whatever it is, it needs checking.

Come and see us for air conditioning in Littlehampton.

Air conditioning Littlehampton

Will you check my air con for free?

Absolutely. We offer a free air conditioning efficiency check to make sure everything is running properly.

If we discover anything amiss, we can service it immediately – but we notify you of any repairs we recommend first, to make sure you’re happy with it. 

Contact us today to book your free air con efficiency check.

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