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car repairs Littlehampton

Car Repairs Littlehampton

Find yourself requiring niggly car repairs, one after the other? Feel like the general maintenance of your vehicle is outweighing its worth? Then there’s a good chance you don’t have a proper maintenance plan for your car. Come to Bennetts for reliable car repairs in Littlehampton. 

Upkeep and repairs shouldn’t be an afterthought – routine maintenance is essential for the safety of your car, and the security of your wallet.

With a regular car service in Littlehampton, we catch smaller problems early on – preventing hefty, avoidable repair bills. With our services, we deliver a safer drive, increase fuel efficiency, and ensure a longer lifespan for your car.

Bennetts garage

Why choose Bennetts?

We’re the leading independent family garage for car repairs in Littlehampton. We’ve been servicing cars and vans in Littlehampton, Chichester and Worthing for almost a decade, and have over 25 years’ industry experience. Through our customer-focused approach, we’ve built an outstanding practice and fostered an honest culture which makes us unbeatable in auto expertise and value for money. We offer personalised car repairs for any make and model.

We’re also specialists in diagnostics, servicing and repairs for BMW, VW, Audi, Skoda, Mercedes, Land Rover and Jaguar brands. So, if you’re having issues with your car, come and see us today.

Bennetts Littlehampton


The computer software  within your vehicle’s components allow us to use diagnostics, which quickly and accurately pinpoint faults anywhere in the car’s engine and elsewhere.

Where a fault is found, we are equipped with a ready supply of parts to fix the issue immediately. Visit Bennetts for the best car repairs Littlehampton. 

car repairs Littlehampton


Brakes aren’t just for stopping: they’re essential for an abrupt stop for hazards. And when your brakes aren’t effective, the risk of accidents spikes. In fact, brake-related problems are responsible for 22% of all car crashes.

If your brakes aren’t responsive or produce unusual sounds, we advise you book in immediately for a full brake service in Littlehampton. 

car repairs Littlehampton

Book in for your car repairs in Littlehampton.

We’re here to maintain your whole vehicle and keep you safe on the road. Call today.


The suspension system is viewed by most drivers as protection for ourselves against uncomfortable bumps and dips when driving. However, the suspension is an intricate system which provides handling and steering stability, as it creates friction between the tyres and the road.

If the steering feels off, contact us for a review of your suspension and wheel alignment as soon as possible. 

car repairs Littlehampton


A flat battery is enough to ruin anyone’s day – don’t let one ruin yours.

If your battery power is dropping, there’s likely an underlying engine fault or a short circuit causing the drain.

Book in now for a swift battery service in Littlehampton.


Sensations such as ‘grinding’ or ‘crunching’ are a common clutch problem – and not always the result of missing a gear.

When these sounds happen, it can be costly to fix if not caught early.

Contact us today for more information about a car clutch service in Littlehampton. 

Gearbox Repairs

When your gearbox isn’t working, your car struggles to convert energy from the battery and power your car.

If you’re repeatedly missing a gear, it could be a failure in the gearbox components.

If you hear whirring, feel shaking, or smell burning, contact Bennetts for the best gearbox car repairs in Littlehampton. 


Exhausts are prone to rust and misplacement, especially in bad weather and on rougher terrain. This impacts your acceleration and causes leaks – and even increases the emissions your vehicle releases.

If left to deteriorate, the price of a fix can escalate quickly. Don’t delay – contact us now to book your exhaust service in Littlehampton. 

car repairs Littlehampton

Book in for your car repairs in Littlehampton.

We’re here to maintain your whole vehicle and keep you safe on the road. Call today.


Problems with a single headlight are usually caused by the bulb alone.

But, if both headlights or your internal lights are failing, it could be a circuit fault or something more severe, like corrosion. Contact us today for a full lighting service with Bennett Auto car repairs Littlehampton. 

Car repairs Littlehampton


A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is responsible for collecting soot, created when diesel is burned in your car engine.

This prevents harmful particles being pumped out into the atmosphere and is a big factor in passing the emissions part of your MOT. Using diagnostics, we can service all DPF models quickly and efficiently.

LPG Servicing, Repairs & Installations

LPG stands for ‘liquefied petroleum gas’, and is used to fuel a large variety of vehicles, popular for its ability to produce lower emissions. However, uptake is relatively low compared to that of diesel and even electric vehicles.

If your car runs on LPG or you’re considering converting, you need a specialist, bespoke service – and Bennetts offers the best expertise for LPG car repairs and service in Littlehampton. 

Customer Feedback

  • Steve Buchus

    3rd May 2024

    Amazing service, friendly team, super professional and speedy service. Highly recommended

  • Sarah Brownlow

    3rd May 2024

    Bennetts Auto really looked after me after I was towed there by the AA due to a break down. I was so impressed by their communication, quality and speed of service and general professionalism. My car was repaired so quickly and now drives like a dream. Can highly recommend

  • Ator Raymond

    30th April 2024

    It’s have been awesome experience bringing my car to your workshop and save me of stress and unwanted expenses. Keep the good work bonnets autos.

  • Kevin Keiley

    21st April 2024

    Great service, great staff who are all very professional and knowledgeable! Got one of our vans serviced here and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!

  • Arthur Wesson

    19th April 2024

    Difficult to find a professionally good honest garage & personnel.
    Highly recommended Darren & his business here ,oh & also worth a mention has the added bonus of a great little cafe on site whilst you wait!
    Unrivalled in my book , you won’t be disappointed.. 👍👏

  • Sam

    22nd February 2024

    Very helpful, a decent garage

  • katie froome

    9th January 2024

    Great friendly service as always. Thank you Darren and Team

  • Ben Rowe

    24th December 2023

    Darren and his team at Bennett autos have the best garage in the area ! Their customer service is beyond professional everything is addressed professionally to the customer and was passed down to me, they kept me informed every step of the way. Having a Land Rover is not the easiest car to work on but this was no problem for them. Can not rate them highly enough, even got my car fixed and... Read More

  • Murray Clarke

    30th November 2023

    Excellent experience with Bennetts Autos. I called to have some brake discs installed and they kindly fitted me in so that I didn’t miss my MOT deadline. Competitive pricing and speedy service, very friendly and professional. Even my invoice was nicely presented in a sleeve and I received a text well before their promised time informing me that my car was ready to collect. I highly recommend... Read More

  • Jamie Carter

    23rd November 2023

    It’s not often that I write reviews and never before have a written one for a garage.

    However, Darren and his team have blown me away with their professionalism and top class service.

    They had some tricky issues to sort out with my son’s fiesta and went above and beyond to help him.

    Darren kept us informed step by step and I can not rate Bennett’s highly... Read More

  • wayne clark

    10th November 2023

    I was pleasantly surprised to find an efficient company that did what they said they would do on time and very well. So a big thank you to Darren and his team Rosemary

  • Clive Green

    3rd November 2023

    Excellent service/ professional’ I would recommend

  • The last Arcade

    18th October 2023

    Popped my Honda in today for diagnostic test. Friendly staff, very good service and great pricing, will definitely use again.

  • Russell Burns

    16th October 2023

    A very honest company. Always a first class service.

  • Matt Kirby

    12th October 2023

    Very happy with the service I have received in the past 5 years

  • Ali Darwash

    28th September 2023

    Darren and his team are very efficient and friendly with a stealth of knowledge as I discover with our conversations as well quality service being delivered. They’ve helped me out on short notice which I’ve always appreciated.

  • Peter pritchard

    29th July 2023

    Excellent service

  • Siavash Eskandary

    4th July 2023

    Best mechanics in the area and surround area. Very honest and professional 👏 👌

  • Guy Eley

    29th June 2023

    Just wanted to say a thank you for Darren and the team at Bennett’s auto been using them for some time as is the rest of the family always honest and reliable, hard to find nowadays. Thanks for the service today , back soon for the advisory to be done . Would always recommend if you are looking for a reliable garage .

  • Amy Cox

    29th June 2023

    Couldn't recommend Darren and his team enough! They have been an absolute godsend helping us above and beyond with my husbands Transit Custom after he ended up needing a new engine! Their service is impeccable and second to none! I will forever be grateful to you guys for all your help.
    Thank you so very much.

    Ben & Amy 🙌

  • Tess Burton

    13th June 2023

    Really appreciate the service and the friendliness whenever I visit. Never had a complaint, thank you Darren & the Team.

  • Kim Wright

    9th June 2023

    Efficient communication and service. Adam advised on specific work required with the air con pump and provided follow up support.

    Highly Recommend!

  • conor james

    9th June 2023

    Just had my clutch replaced and the boy are good as gold top service

  • G P

    23rd May 2023

    I was looking for a reliable garage after being fleeced by another garage local to me. I was recommended by a friend to speak to Darren, and from my initial visit they've been brilliant.

    I'm not that knowledgeable about mechanics but Darren and the team have been friendly, willing to explain things to me and above all, have been reliable and affordable for any work i've... Read More

  • Patrick Stoner

    19th May 2023

    I have been a customer at Bennett Autos for a while and easily rate them as the best in the area. Workmanship is excellent with experienced and knowledgeable mechanics. Prices are good, especially for the quality of work. Very highly recommended.

    The excellent just got even better. Bennett Autos now have their own cafe on the premises. The coffee is real barista standard, not the usual... Read More

  • Peter Kirkwood

    3rd April 2023

    I have used Bennett for MOT servicing for the last 2 years and recently for a drive belt repair. Very helpful, friendly service. Excellent!

  • Robert Woodhead

    26th February 2023

    Bennett Autos have recently replaced the cam belts on both my Skoda Citigo and VW Up . The service provided was both friendly and excellent on both occasions and their prices were so much more competitive than those offered by the main dealers where you end up paying for all the "glitz and glamour" of the showrooms that you don't want. The job is identical and when you consider that they... Read More

  • Tony Roberts

    14th February 2023

    Very good service, pleased with work carried out to my heater on Skoda Superb .
    Thanks guys, keep up the good work.
    Work done on time at honest prices.

  • D. Sen

    25th January 2023

    Very efficient and outstanding customer service!

  • Jon spiers

    19th January 2023

    Can't recommend Bennett Auto's enough - Excellent communications, great service, good value for money, and above all else, extremely nice people to deal with.

  • Matt Nutt

    18th January 2023

    I have been using them for all servicing and repair work and have been amazed every time I speak with them because of how friendly and warm their customer service is.

    The work they do is fantastically priced and have never had to take my cars back for a second visit. Absolutely 0 complaints!

    Thank you Bennett Autos!

  • keith francis

    24th November 2022

    Fast knowledgeable service as all ways really friendly and really good and fair pricing wouldn't take my van anywhere else

  • Stuart Gymer

    5th November 2022

    A very friendly and trustworthy experience, don't hesitate to bring your car here as it's in good hands.

  • Ana Pinto

    21st October 2022

    Excellent place, professionals, polite, will get yhe job done, honest. Definitely recommend

  • Mas 75

    5th September 2022

    Fantastic service

  • Roy Shepherd

    2nd September 2022

    Darren runs a great business at Bennetts, always a reliable service at good value, but what really stands out is the great communication. Will continue to bring my cars here for all things mechanic-related!

  • Jason Parker

    20th July 2022

    Normally don't leave reviews but Darren and his team have been outstanding. Not only do they go out of there way when things go wrong but they are very reasonable with there pricing. Because of this, my whole family will now be using Bennetts and no one else. It's hard finding trust worthy reasonably priced mechanics. Especially with a decent car, normally they see you coming a mile off - had... Read More

  • JEREMY Frodt

    30th June 2022

    Excellent garage, the guys have tremendous knowledge and they are really efficient. Darren is brilliant for advice too having bought a car and wanted to undertake various work to ensure it continued to be reliable, including gearbox service, swirl flap removal, fixing electrical issues and remapping. They are small enough still to feel like you are receiving a personal service which is really... Read More

  • Toby Harris

    13th July 2021

    Mark is the man to go to, his experience and expertise is amazing. Such a nice friendly person. I will definitely you his services again and again

Book in for your car repairs in Littlehampton.

We’re here to maintain your whole vehicle and keep you safe on the road. Call today.