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car repairs Littlehampton

Car Repairs Littlehampton

Find yourself requiring niggly car repairs, one after the other? Feel like the general maintenance of your vehicle is outweighing its worth? Then there’s a good chance you don’t have a proper maintenance plan for your car. Come to Bennetts for reliable car repairs in Littlehampton. 

Upkeep and repairs shouldn’t be an afterthought – routine maintenance is essential for the safety of your car, and the security of your wallet.

With a regular car service in Littlehampton, we catch smaller problems early on – preventing hefty, avoidable repair bills. With our services, we deliver a safer drive, increase fuel efficiency, and ensure a longer lifespan for your car.

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Why choose Bennetts?

We’re the leading independent family garage for car repairs in Littlehampton. We’ve been servicing cars and vans in Littlehampton, Chichester and Worthing for almost a decade, and have over 25 years’ industry experience. Through our customer-focused approach, we’ve built an outstanding practice and fostered an honest culture which makes us unbeatable in auto expertise and value for money. We offer personalised car repairs for any make and model.

We’re also specialists in diagnostics, servicing and repairs for BMW, VW, Audi, Skoda, Mercedes, Land Rover and Jaguar brands. So, if you’re having issues with your car, come and see us today.

Bennetts Littlehampton


The computer software  within your vehicle’s components allow us to use diagnostics, which quickly and accurately pinpoint faults anywhere in the car’s engine and elsewhere.

Where a fault is found, we are equipped with a ready supply of parts to fix the issue immediately. Visit Bennetts for the best car repairs Littlehampton. 

car repairs Littlehampton


Brakes aren’t just for stopping: they’re essential for an abrupt stop for hazards. And when your brakes aren’t effective, the risk of accidents spikes. In fact, brake-related problems are responsible for 22% of all car crashes.

If your brakes aren’t responsive or produce unusual sounds, we advise you book in immediately for a full brake service in Littlehampton. 

car repairs Littlehampton

Book in for your car repairs in Littlehampton.

We’re here to maintain your whole vehicle and keep you safe on the road. Call today.


The suspension system is viewed by most drivers as protection for ourselves against uncomfortable bumps and dips when driving. However, the suspension is an intricate system which provides handling and steering stability, as it creates friction between the tyres and the road.

If the steering feels off, contact us for a review of your suspension and wheel alignment as soon as possible. 

car repairs Littlehampton


A flat battery is enough to ruin anyone’s day – don’t let one ruin yours.

If your battery power is dropping, there’s likely an underlying engine fault or a short circuit causing the drain.

Book in now for a swift battery service in Littlehampton.


Sensations such as ‘grinding’ or ‘crunching’ are a common clutch problem – and not always the result of missing a gear.

When these sounds happen, it can be costly to fix if not caught early.

Contact us today for more information about a car clutch service in Littlehampton. 

Gearbox Repairs

When your gearbox isn’t working, your car struggles to convert energy from the battery and power your car.

If you’re repeatedly missing a gear, it could be a failure in the gearbox components.

If you hear whirring, feel shaking, or smell burning, contact Bennetts for the best gearbox car repairs in Littlehampton. 


Exhausts are prone to rust and misplacement, especially in bad weather and on rougher terrain. This impacts your acceleration and causes leaks – and even increases the emissions your vehicle releases.

If left to deteriorate, the price of a fix can escalate quickly. Don’t delay – contact us now to book your exhaust service in Littlehampton. 

car repairs Littlehampton

Book in for your car repairs in Littlehampton.

We’re here to maintain your whole vehicle and keep you safe on the road. Call today.


Problems with a single headlight are usually caused by the bulb alone.

But, if both headlights or your internal lights are failing, it could be a circuit fault or something more severe, like corrosion. Contact us today for a full lighting service with Bennett Auto car repairs Littlehampton. 

Car repairs Littlehampton


A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is responsible for collecting soot, created when diesel is burned in your car engine.

This prevents harmful particles being pumped out into the atmosphere and is a big factor in passing the emissions part of your MOT. Using diagnostics, we can service all DPF models quickly and efficiently.

LPG Servicing, Repairs & Installations

LPG stands for ‘liquefied petroleum gas’, and is used to fuel a large variety of vehicles, popular for its ability to produce lower emissions. However, uptake is relatively low compared to that of diesel and even electric vehicles.

If your car runs on LPG or you’re considering converting, you need a specialist, bespoke service – and Bennetts offers the best expertise for LPG car repairs and service in Littlehampton. 

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Book in for your car repairs in Littlehampton.

We’re here to maintain your whole vehicle and keep you safe on the road. Call today.