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wheel alignment Littlehampton

Wheel Alignment Littlehampton

Unavoidable potholes, speed bumps, and uneven roads are all big factors affecting residents’ wheel alignment in Littlehampton. The UK’s road network sees an average of 356.5 billion vehicle miles per year, so, it’s no surprise the surface impacts your wheel alignment too. 

Wheel alignment is crucial for a smooth and safe drive. When your wheels aren’t straight, your tyres wear down unevenly as they’re not making correct contact with the road. This creates resistance when you drive, which puts greater pressure on your battery and reduces fuel efficiency. 

If you’re feeling any difficulties when steering, your wheel alignment is likely off. Bennetts is Littlehampton’s specialist garage for wheel alignment and all other servicing and repairs. 

wheel alignment Littlehampton

Why Bennet Autos for wheel alignment?

Bennetts Garage keeps our local community safe on the road thanks to our technicians’ expertise and immediate access to an impressive range of parts.

We’re also Littlehampton’s main garage specialising in the service and repair of German cars – including Volkswagen, BMW, Land Rover, and more. For tailored advice on our German car service, call us today. 

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wheel alignment Littlehampton

What is 4-wheel alignment?

Most modern cars have a 4-wheel drive. So, a 4-wheel alignment involves adjusting all four wheels, by fixing the front and rear axis and the suspension. Having a 4-wheel alignment can ensure optimum performance and extend the life of tyres and steering components.

wheel alignment Littlehampton

How much does alignment cost? 

Prices for wheel alignment in Littlehampton vary depending on your vehicle and the work that needs doing. Correctly aligned wheels will save you money on tyres and fuel. Call us to find out more.

Need wheel alignment in Littlehampton?

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How do I know if my wheel alignment is wrong?

There are a few signs that your vehicle’s wheel alignment is off. This includes:

  • Your vehicle pulling to the left or right as you drive 
  • Your steering wheel looking crooked when driving straight
  • Uneven or rapid tyre wear
  • Squealing tyres (caused either by excessive wear, or incorrect contact with the road)

However, the problems listed above may also involve other problems which require assessment. Call Bennetts today.

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